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Our Work

We love all the things we make but these are our most recent or most popular plushies. Each picture will link you to the shop to learn more about them or buy if they are in stock. If you see one you love and it's not in stock please reach out to me and I can see about making it for you. 

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Skeleton Bats

Our Best Seller and Most Favorited Item of 2023!

Made from Sewn Anti-pill Fleece and machine embroidered face, body, and wings. They come in many different colors. Pattern credit to CholyKnight


Glow in the Dark Skeleton Bat

The runner up for the best seller and most favorited item of 2023. Also made from Anti-pill fleece. The machine embroidered face, body and wings glow in the dark! Pattern credit to CholyKnight.

Gow in the Dark Bat.png
Chibi Grim Reaper_edited.jpg

New Sewn Item!

Chibi Grim Reaper

Our newest addition to our shop. This Chibi Grim Reaper is made with sewn Anti-pill fleece and Machine embroidered face and body. His robe is made with Flannel and cotton. He comes with a Scythe that he can hold. Pattern credit to CholyKnight.

New Crochet Item!

Large Realistic Octopus

This Realistic Octopus is made from Redheart yarn. It took me over 3 weeks to make and is over 24 inches from tentacle to tentacle!

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